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Written by teppo

June 29, 2006 at 11:06 pm

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  1. [...] emeritus guest-bloggers [...]

  2. [...] emeritus guest-bloggers [...]

  3. [...] We’ve had some great guest bloggers. [...]

  4. [...] Mark de Rond Posted in guest bloggers, teppo by Teppo on May 27th, 2008 We’ve had some fantastic guest bloggers here at orgtheory, and we’ve got some exciting folks lined up for this summer as [...]

  5. [...] again! Both have been added to the orgtheory hall of fame. « how important is it to know your [...]

  6. [...] (for example at scatterplot).  And, while we’ve had a few female guest bloggers, only 2 of the 17 guest bloggers were female (though, this is not necessarily due to the lack of [...]

  7. [...] But, it doesn’t end there.  O&M’s Peter Klein wonders about how orgtheory would fare in the analysis and then in the comments calls for a “head-to-head twin-versus-twin battle we’ve all been dreaming about” — to see how orgtheory would match up against O&M.  As readers know, we’re more sociological and social — well, and nice — around here, and thus we could perhaps agree to such a “battle,” but only if it was done properly and included everyone who who contributes to a given blog (in our case, in a huge way), including guest bloggers. [...]

  8. [...] a comment » JC Spender (’s first guest blogger) has a nice piece in the Wall Street Journal about innovation: “Who has innovative ideas? [...]

  9. [...] blogger emeritus, David now has access to all of the benefits that come from being a member of this esteemed group (i.e., unlimited commenting privileges).  You can find David’s posts here. [...]

  10. [...] of very cool people guest blogged in 2011:Steve Borgatti, Shehzad Nadeem, David Meyer, Chris Winship, Celeste [...]

  11. [...] a one-time, now emeritus guest blogger, I took some heat in the name of Latour and ANT, so much so that Fabio joked that Latour ought not [...]

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