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Brayden and I (Teppo – see details on us in the sidebar) have been quite surprised by the relative dearth of blogs dedicated to organizational issues – whether theory, strategy, ethics or any other related organizational topic. Thus, this is our foray into the blogosphere, an attempt to bring informal public discussion and debate on organizational issues to the net. Both of us are social science ‘junkies’ in the very broadest sense, and are hooked on the many excellent blogs in the fields of political science, law, sociology, economics, and philosophy. We hope, in similar fashion, to offer broad commentary and insight (? – this will be for the reader to judge) on organizational matters – specifically to a scholarly and professional audience interested in matters related to organization theory.

Welcome to – we hope to give you a reason to visit frequently!

Caveats and disclaimers: This blog represents our own respective views rather than those of any group that we might be affiliated with (university, department, association etc). Also, Brayden and I certainly will not review each other’s posts before they are published here, we may in fact disagree on many topics (which hopefully will provide part of the richness of this blog), and thus our respective posts represent our own views.

Written by teppo

April 21, 2006 at 7:30 pm

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