Mary Douglas Interview


From Alan Macfarlane, an interview with the late Mary Douglas. The full interview (almost an hour and a half) is available on Macfarlane’s website, which has a terrific number of such conversations with social anthropologists and sociologists. Here’s the full menu. Highlights include Ronald Dore, Raymond Firth, Audrey Richards (worth listening to for a great anecdote about Malinowski and colored pencils), and many others. Also worth checking out is film from a pair of seminars from 1976 and 77, with roundtable discussion from the likes of Jack Goody, Ernest Gellner, Maurice Godelier, Tom Bottomore, Edmund Leach, Edward Thompson, and others. If nothing else the latter films provide strong evidence of the complete absence of combs amongst the intelligentsia of Greater London in the 1970s.

Written by Kieran

May 21, 2007 at 7:44 pm

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