how social movements matter – code pink edition


On this blog, we’ve often discussed how movements impact society. Brayden’s recent ASQ paper with Sarah Soule is a great example. It’s an issue motivating my book on black studies as an outcome of the Black Power movement and my current research on the American antiwar movement (for articles from this project click here, here, and here). Because of my interest in the current peace movement, people often ask me why groups like Code Pink engage in such sensational activities. Well, to a certain degree, sensationalism works. At the very least, sensationalism allows groups to project themselves into public discourse. Example: Today, President Bush directly addressed them in a speech at the Heritage Foundation. Click here for the video:

“When it comes to funding, some in Washington should spend more time responding to the warnings of terrorists like Osama bin Laden and the requests of our commanders on the ground and less time responding to bloggers and Code Pink protesters.”

The mention of Code Pink and MoveOn resulted in a rupture of applause. Does the antiwar movement make a difference? History will be the ultimate judge, but right now, they’ve managed to grab the attention of the President of the United States, and that’s quite an accomplishment.


Written by fabiorojas

November 1, 2007 at 5:55 pm

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