sunday morning links – p-values for cats edition


1. Even if you disagree with my unusual opinions on p-values, you gotta love this photo from


2. I will never see a movie whose review starts with this sentence: “The new Hollywood edition of “Funny Games,” writer-director Michael Haneke’s clinical reenactment of his Austrian torture-comedy experiment from 10 years ago, is an attempt to replicate the earlier study under English-language conditions. “

3. The Iowa electronic markets got Obama by 71 cents on the dollar. Quick logic – under nearly every plausible scenario, Clinton ends up about 100 pledged delegates behind Obama (yes, even counting MI/FL re-dos). It got worse today – many Edwards delegates from Iowa switched to Obama, giving him a boost of +9 pledged delegates. Then add the +4 from the final certified California count. Bascially, the Hillary boost from Ohio and RI have been wiped out, with a little padding to soften the upcoming loss in PA. Obama’s up by about 160 right now.

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March 16, 2008 at 3:37 am

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