dead or alive: the ssrc wants media research proposals

If you don’t know them, the Social Science Research Council is a major funder of social science research. They’ve now come up with an interesting program where grant agencies offer a “bounty.” The sponsor offers money for grants on particular topics. Joe Karaganis of the SSRC, gave me permission to quote him, describes it this way:

We’re trying to cross a research project brokerage site with a prize system–in our case around media policy and reform issues. Projects ideas are submitted by research users, SSRC or other funders place prize money on some of them, researchers respond. The bet is that a project idea with a ready user, plus a little money, plus a little recognition, can shape your choices about your next research project.

If you’re interested in media issues, check out their collaborative grant page, which lists a bunch of projects relating to the media access and politics. Check later as more projects are announced.


Written by fabiorojas

April 7, 2008 at 12:01 am

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