is a dead blog? has been a favorite of mine since it started. I always thought a black perspective on law and academia might be a nice counterpoint to Volokh. However, it’s now firmly entrenched in left2right territory, even though it had periods of high activity. Hasn’t been updated since Dec 8 and too much focus on celebrity issues like OJ Simpson. It also had some well known guests and it raised some good issues. Too bad. Now that we have a black POTUS and a black AG, you’d think there’d be high demand for the blog. RIP, blackprof. Previous posts on


Written by fabiorojas

February 8, 2009 at 3:12 am

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  1. […] visited the site a few days ago and noticed that it was fallow, something others had noticed as well, and thought nothing of it.¬† People stop updating blogs for a lot of reasons and then […]


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