tortured genius, rejection, and being a conduit for deity

Being in any “creative” profession can be tough—-for example, writers and artists seem to suffer (at least stereotypically) rather tortuous, rejection-filled lives; lives that perhaps are punctuated with euphoria, but often end in obsession, drunkenness and/or early death.

I don’t know how comparatively tortured the life of an academic is, probably somewhere between the ordered life of an accountant or engineer and the tortured writer.  We certainly deal with plenty of rejection—well, some of us more than others.  Elizabeth Gilbert gave an impassioned and personal TED talk this month on how one might deal with rejection: consider yourself — like the poet Ruth Stone or the musician Tom Waits — a conduit for deity.  Then, when you fail, its not all on your shoulders.

Written by teppo

February 16, 2009 at 10:52 pm

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