sunday morning links – academic experiences edition

1. Econ Journal Watch is out – and here’s “Intellectual Hazards,” a list of interesting quotes comparing old and new ideas in economics.

2. Back at Gabe’s house, Code and Culture, Pierre is a new blogger and has two posts on R vs. Stata and how to make R behave. Meanwhile, the Rossman does a hazard analysis of how people unsubrsribe to email lists. As usual, Code and Culture is the place to beat if you like your cultural sociology mixed in with detailed discussions of stata output.

3. A colleague drew my attention to “Letters to Our Daughters Project,” where women academics explore their careers and lives. Valuable reading for anyone interested in gender and the academy.


Written by fabiorojas

May 17, 2009 at 2:32 am

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  1. Fabio,
    The ‘letters to our daughters’ project is barely off the ground, and yet there has been a tremendous email response to the blogger/scholar who came up with the idea. I cannot wait to see what women PhDs will write to hand down their intellectual matriarchal heritage.

    When I taught in the Women’s Studies dept at Michigan, we had students write letters to their intellectual mothers. … At the time, very few could write to ‘real’ women that they ‘knew’, and so we had letters to Athena, Betty Friedan, bellhooks, etc. The longing expressed in these letters was painful to acknowledge as an instructor and as a female scientist.

    On the other hand, the letters to the few female scholars that these students did know in ‘real life’? Mindblowing. I wish I had saved them to publish in an edited book. Maybe Isis will get to this too.


    CV Harquail

    May 17, 2009 at 3:54 pm

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