reservoir sociologists, again

From left to right: Nathan Dollar, Bob Childs, Michell Lueck, Matt Parker, Casey Davidson, Laura Davidson, Fabio, Amanda Shigihara, Colleen Hackett. Photographer: Lara Ridenour.

Two years ago, Laura Ridenour snapped this wonderful photo as she helped me field surveys at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. After explaining how to do the survey to our team members, I said something like, “Ok, let’s see where the protesters are.” As we began to walk, Laura just ran out and snapped one photo of our group. She put it in her flickr account and I then reposted to orgtheory. Two years later, the staff at Contexts wanted a sociological photo with movement in it, remembered the post, and asked Laura if they could reprint her snapshot. Once again, thanks to everyone who did a great job collecting surveys and thank you to Laura for taking the photo.  To the folks who’ve been asking: yes, that’s the notorious fanny pack.

Written by fabiorojas

February 21, 2011 at 12:01 am

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  1. Fabio, did you see the 2/10/11 WSJ article on fanny packs? Maybe the designers saw your photo…



    February 22, 2011 at 10:16 pm

  2. thanks again for letting us use it. Like few others, this image evokes the fun and excitement of *doing* social research.

    fyi, Doug and I even wore fanny packs at the issue release pie party. Shoulda been there…


    chris uggen

    March 6, 2011 at 1:16 am

  3. Gee, I knew Amanda would be famous someday, but not for being at a DNC…at least she’s got a big smile on her face.


    Chris Shigihara

    March 6, 2011 at 3:39 am

  4. Haha, nice Amanda! That’s awesome :)



    March 6, 2011 at 4:20 am

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