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Sheen Levine (MIT) and Shayne Gary (Austrialian School of Business) are again organizing their workshop on “behavioral strategy” at the upcoming Academy of Management conference.  If your work relates, consider getting involved and submitting a short proposal.  Last year’s workshop was fantastic.  Click below for details.

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Sponsored by

Philip Bromiley, U. of California, Irvine
Emilio J. Castilla, MIT
Jerker C. Denrell, U. of Oxford
Teppo Felin, Brigham Young U.
Giovanni Gavetti, Harvard U.
Gerard P. Hodgkinson, U. of Leeds
Theresa K. Lant, Pace U.
Michael Lenox, U. of Virginia
Joseph Porac, New York U.
Michael J. Prietula, Emory U.
Rhonda K. Reger, U. of Maryland
Violina Rindova, U. of Texas at Austin
Zur Shapira, New York U.
Mary Tripsas,  Harvard U.

Michael Shayne Gary, Australian School of Business
Sheen S. Levine, MIT & Columbia

Research in management revolves around firms & markets, operating at a
macro-meso level, but necessitates assumptions about the behavior of
individuals. The Behavioral Strategy workshop at AoM is a forum to
deliberate realistic, parsimonious & generalizable theories linking
micro-behavior to macro-outcomes in organizations & markets. Back for the
second year, it features an expanded panel of top scholars in the broad
research area of behavioral strategy.

Speakers will discuss what constitutes behavioral strategy, provide examples
of research & suggest future research opportunities. Participant will
develop their own work in dialogs on substance & method. We expect a diverse
crowd, some prominent & some promising, from economics, psychology,
sociology & organizational theory, utilizing methods such as experiments,
simulations, archival data & qualitative fieldwork.

Advance Your Own Work! Submit an Abstract!

To have your work discussed, submit a 1,000 word summary, including topic,
method, expected contribution & pressing challenges. Stand a chance to win
the Best Behavioral Strategy Work in Progress award. Send your abstract by
July 7, 2011 to

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