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A little while ago, we asked: what’s the deal with Joel Podolny and Apple University? A few press releases and then … nothing. Well, Steve Jobs’ passing has yielded some revealing press coverage. An LA Times article discusses Apple and Podolny:

Reporting from San Francisco— Apple Inc. now has to get down to the business of surviving its founder… It’s something that Apple — and Steve Jobs himself — had been painstakingly planning for years.

Deep inside its sprawling Cupertino, Calif., campus, one of the world’s most successful and secretive companies has had a team of experts hard at work on a closely guarded project.

But it isn’t a cool new gadget. It’s an executive training program called Apple University that Jobs considered vital to the company’s future: Teaching Apple executives to think like him.

Apple University, as suspected, is in house management training. The article is personality profile – Podolny has had a stellar academic career – and I wish there were more about education. How would this differ from previous forms of management education? Unclear. How do they plan to transplant Jobs’ highly unique style and vision to the next generation? Also, unclear. But it does shed light on how Apple plans to continue the record of excellence created by its founder.

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October 10, 2011 at 12:44 am

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  1. Even cloning would not do it. Individuals are unique. That is the essence of the Austrian perspective and the ultimate challenge to organization theory. Sure, we have multinational corporations and sandlot softball teams, but we have a plethora of theories to explain them because ultimately every organization is comprised of individuals.

    According to economic theory, you can replace a bookkeeper through a Help Wanted on You cannot do that with a Founder. (I am not even sure you can do that with a bookkeeper.)

    For Henry Ford, there was Hank the Deuce who had a different vision. For Thomas Watson, Thomas Watson was more of the same. The Rockefellers dropped a lot of acorns near the oak. But Edison… Carnegie, Durant, Mellon, … Ken Olsen, Edson de Castro… Jobs, Wozniak, Gates, …

    If individuals were interchangeable, communism would have succeeded.


    Michael Marotta

    October 10, 2011 at 2:32 am

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  3. Amazing that someone can be so obsessed with one’s own ability that he deems it essential to the future of the company he / she has ran! The world has known 1000s of great managers before jobs, and will know 100000s (because of India and China joining the fray) after him! Totally agree with Michael!


    Raoul Miorcec

    October 11, 2011 at 12:22 am

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