asa, aka anxiety swirls around, awkward stuff abounds

At some point, one just has to embrace the socially awkward moments of being at ASAs.  This year, the swirl of anxiety is around the Hilton lobby statue where many of us are trying to meet up with appointments.   After weeks away at research or other destinations, re-immersing into the academic milieu can be a shock. 

For people who have difficulties matching faces with names, this is a trying time.  On the sidewalk, I waved enthusiastically at a pedestrian from afar.  When the person jerked his head behind him to see who I was waving at, I realized that name on the ASA tag wasn’t Fabio’s name.  Sorry about that brief moment of panic, Michael. 

Tip: Eat and hydrate, folks.  I’m hearing some of you say, “I haven’t had anything to eat yet” late at night.  It’s a good excuse to try the NYC food scene.


Written by katherinechen

August 12, 2013 at 2:50 am

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  1. Katherine, as you know, I skipped ASA this year in favor of doing the AoM thing at Disney World, in Orlando. Boy, is it hot here! What more is there to say?
    Well, tonight, Dick Scott won the Educator Award from the Organization & Management Theory Division, a great honor for Dick & well-deserved. His wife, Joy, was there to see it, as were dozens of people who’ve been taught by Dick or at least influenced by his tireless devotion to helping us understand the “sociology of organizations” over the past 53 or so years that he’s been teaching. Yes, you read that right — he started at Stanford around 1960! An amazing career!


    Howard Aldrich

    August 13, 2013 at 2:46 am

  2. […] addition to the scene around the Hilton statue, where I waited for people multiple times, here are some other reflections on ASA […]


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