good luck, sociological science!

The new journal, Sociological Science, is now up and running. The goal:

  • Open access: Accepted works are freely available, and authors retain copyright
  • Timely: Sociological Science will make editorial decisions within 30 days; accepted works appear online immediately upon receipt of final version
  • Evaluative, not developmental: Rather than focus on identifying potential areas for improvement in a submission, editors focus on judging whether the submission as written makes a rigorous and thoughtful contribution to sociological knowledge
  • Concise: Sociological Science encourages a high ratio of novel ideas and insights to written words
  • A community: The journal’s online presence is intended as a forum for commentary and debate aimed at advancing sociological knowledge and bringing into the open conversations that usually occur behind the scenes between authors and reviewers

I congratulate them for doing this. This takes some courage to do. We need many different types of journals. And, sadly, we are lacking high impact journals that focus on shorter empirical work that is refereed in a timely fashion.

Good luck – and I look forward to being rejected by you!

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September 20, 2013 at 12:03 am

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