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The December ASR has a number of articles by IU related folks, including Brea Perry, who just joined us. Notable is an article by three IU BGS* called “Formal Rights and Informal Privileges for Same-Sex Couples: Evidence from a National Survey Experiment.” From Long Doan, Annalise Loehr, and Lisa R. Miller:

Attitudes toward gay rights have liberalized over the past few decades, but scholars know less about the extent to which individuals in the United States exhibit subtle forms of prejudice toward lesbians and gays. To help address this issue, we offer a conceptualization of formal rights and informal privileges. Using original data from a nationally representative survey experiment, we examine whether people distinguish between formal rights (e.g., partnership benefits) and informal privileges (e.g., public displays of affection) in their attitudes toward same-sex couples. Results show that heterosexuals are as willing to extend formal rights to same-sex couples as they are to unmarried heterosexual couples. However, they are less willing to grant informal privileges. Lesbians and gays are more willing to extend formal rights to same-sex couples, but they too are sometimes more supportive of informal privileges for heterosexual couples. We also find that heterosexuals’ attitudes toward marriage more closely align with their attitudes toward informal privileges than formal rights, whereas lesbians and gays view marriage similarly to both formal rights and informal privileges. Our findings highlight the need to examine multiple dimensions of sexual prejudice to help understand how informal types of prejudice persist as minority groups receive formal rights.

Outstanding. You can read the press coverage here, here, and here.

* Brilliant Grad Students. And yes, Annalise and Lisa were students in Fabio’s School of Orgtheory. Even though I had nothing at all to do with their work, I will still parade them around.

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz/From Black Power


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  1. Annalise and Loehr were students in Fabio’s School of Orgtheory

    Annalise Loehr was the point person for my lunch with graduate students when I visited IU last week. It’s wild to think she was once Annalise and Loehr, but of course one of the exciting examples of applied organizational theory is interpersonal mergers.

    (PS to any IU students who read this: I DID NOT SAY THAT FABIO HATES FORMAL MODELS OR SIMULATIONS. I did, toward the end of that 75-minute talk that I crammed into 55 minutes and meant to still somehow only be 45 minutes, show the results of some simulations and meant to note the irony that I have been really getting into simulations but while doing so have noticed Fabio’s blog posts about his view that interest in simulations is declining. Nothing but love for Fabio, and also, had a great time on my visit, especially with all the IU students I got the chance to talk to and the opportunity to once again eat the hallowed Spinnocoli at Mother Bear’s.)

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    November 24, 2014 at 2:15 pm

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