analytical sociology section ASA: a petition

Peter Hedström has been circulating a petition to form an analytical sociology section within the ASA. The petition is gaining traction, which is fantastic.

Peter wondered whether sociologists in business schools and within the Academy of Management have seen the petition. So I promised him I would post the details here (he is also sending an email through the OMT listserv):

Dear Colleague,

Over the last couple of years, there have been discussions about the possibility of forming an analytical sociology section within the ASA.  Growing representation not only in leading sociology journals but also in journals like the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science and Science have convinced us that now is the time to launch this section.  The recent successes of the International Network of Analytical Sociologists annual conferences, along with a newly initiated book series in analytical sociology by Princeton University Press, lead us to believe that analytical sociology will quickly establish itself as a vibrant and attractive section of the ASA.

We expect that this section will be of interest to many of the existing ASA members.  There is an important niche to be filled for a section that caters to scholars in different substantive fields who do serious theory and research focusing on social networks, social mechanisms, collective dynamics, micro-macro links, and related approaches.  This includes many junior scholars pursuing research in mathematical sociology, methods, and computational social science for whom analytic sociology would be an attractive home.

The first stage in the process of forming a new section within the ASA is to get a minimum of 200 ASA members to support the initiative. We very much hope that you will be one of them. Please visit in order to register your support.

To have the section in place for the 2016 ASA meeting in Seattle, and to be able to put together a highly stimulating set of sessions that reflect the breath and quality of analytical sociology, we kindly ask for your support by Monday, August 17th.

With the best wishes,

Delia Baldassari, Peter Bearman, Elizabeth Bruch, Damon Centola, Karen Cook, Filiz Garip, Mark Granovetter, Peter Hedström, Michael Macy, Robert Mare, Christopher Winship

Now – go and sign the petition.

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August 30, 2015 at 1:44 pm

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