econ nobel prize cliches: collect them all

Every October when the Nobel prize in economics is announced, you hear the same trite and hackneyed things. Already, the Guardian has one of those tedious “economics is not a science” articles just to prepare for tomorrow. To help you save time, I’ve collected the following cliches so you can just clip and paste them into your tweets, Facebook messages, and blog posts:

  • Economics is not a science.
  • Actually, there is no Nobel Prize in economics.
  • The so-called Economics Nobel prize.
  • This prize refutes the policies of [insert politician you hate].
  • This prize supports the policies of [insert politician you love].
  • This prize is long overdue.
  • This prize rewards [my favorite field].
  • This prize rewards free-market fundamentalists.
  • This prize proves that free-market fundamentalists are wrong.
  • This person did not deserve the prize.
  • This person deserved the prize.
  • This is a rather mathematical/statistical prize for a technical point that I can’t summarize here.
  • This prize is for proving the obvious.
  • I predicted this all along.
  • I am completely surprised by this.
  • I can’t believe they gave this to a non-economist.
  • I can’t believe they gave this to a person not from [circle one: Harvard/MIT].
  • Harvard is slipping, straight to toilet.
  • Steve Levitt does/does not know the work of these prize winners.

Actually, I have a Granovetter post ready to go if he ever wins, since he is the sociologist whose work is most known in economics. Add your own cliches in the comments.

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October 12, 2015 at 1:41 am

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