usa today supports syrian refugees

I am very much behind on a number of issues, so I will be on a short blogcation till after Thanksgiving, when we will do our institutional theory review. For now, I direct you toward this op-ed by the Editorial Board of USA Today which comes out in favor of allowing refugees come to the US:

… governors and presidential candidates, the men and women Americans look to for leadership in turbulent times, should have the sense to do some research before leaping to the microphone.

Unlike overwhelmed European countries forced to vet migrants only after they’ve arrived, the U.S. won’t let refugees in until they’ve gone through lengthy checks. At least four agencies, including the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, check credentials and backgrounds and conduct multiple interviews of applicants, rejecting them if their stories don’t check out or reveal inconsistencies.

There is no appeal, and the process typically takes from one to two years. If ISIL wanted to strike the U.S., this would be among the slowest and most difficult ways.

The process works. Since 9/11, the U.S. has admitted 784,000 refugees, of whom three — three — have been arrested for plotting terrorist attacks, according toKathleen Newland, a senior fellow at the Migration Policy Institute. Only one was plotting an attack in the USA, plans for which were not credible.

I would prefer that we make it easier to come, but I still applaud USA Today for making the sensible point that *hundreds of thousands* of refugees have come to the US without problem. Let many more come to pass through this golden portal!

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