hating woodrow wilson before it was cool

For a long time, I have loathed Woodrow Wilson. It shocked me that a massive racist and war monger, who then bungled the post-WWI peace, should be praised over Warren G. Harding, who was anti-lynching, pro-peace, tolerant of dissent, and anti-asset forfeiture (as it existed in his day). So I am happy to see that the Black student movement at Princeton is drawing attention to the horror that was the Wilson presidency.

Many folks think that the demands of Princeton students are unreasonable. But I think that asking for Wilson’s name to be removed from the policy school is very reasonable given that he  booted thousands of Blacks from their jobs in the Federal government. Critics often say that students are too sensitive and can’t tolerate truly free speech. If that is true, then the charge applies even more so to Wilson himself who oversaw the Palmer raids, which were aimed at jailing people who criticized him, and had 75 newspapers shut down. Heck, Wilson once had a Black man jailed for telling him he thought Wilson was a horrible president.

I applaud the student activists at Princeton for saying what is common knowledge among American historians. Wilson is no friend of free speech. We should use the freedom he opposed to talk about it.

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Written by fabiorojas

December 15, 2015 at 12:01 am

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