the new underground railroad

The DACA program will come to an end in six months. There is a good chance that Congress will let it expire or pass immigration reforms that makes it very difficult for DREAMers and other undocumented migrants to attain permanent residency and citizenship. They will then be subject to deportation, which is a cruel and unusual punishment.

It is probably time to consider establishing non-violent forms of resistance to unjust laws. One possibility is that activists might consider creating a new underground railroad, whereby friendly people can house people who are travelling to more immigrant friendly places, such as sanctuary cities or other nations that might grant asylum.

You might ask whether underground railroad activities are bad because they break the law. My response is simple: there is no moral obligation to obey unjust laws. As I’ve written before, migration laws are unjust. They do not improve people. They impose harsh penalties for minor infractions. They humiliate people. They create a class of second class citizens. They do not improve natives, aside from the pleasure that some get from seeing others punished. Thus, if activists find a way to circumvent migration laws and policies, then they act from a moral high ground.

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