open borders and broken families

We are now in a crisis. The media has been reporting that thousands of children have been forcibly separated from their families by immigration authorities. Like most of you, I believe this is an atrocity and all children should be immediately reunited with their families.

At the same time, I want readers to consider the broader picture. Some readers may think that Trump is a uniquely horrible leader who condones and promotes the removal of children from their families. There may be some truth to that, but the bigger truth is that the United States has been breaking up and deporting families for decades.

The truth is that deportations and breaking up of families occurred under both Democratic and Republican administrations. The Trump administration is merely using the tools built by the Clinton, Bush II and, especially, the Obama administrations. Thus, we shouldn’t reserve our anger for Trump, but think about why this would be wrong no matter who was in the White House.

I’d also suggest that we think about open borders. If we truly cared about families and keeping them together, we would not create regulations that required people to be separated from their families if they want to find a job in the US. We would let people move freely between nations. But as long as we allow this byzantine and brutal immigration system to exist, we will break up families and separate children.

So give it some thought. If you want families to stay together, think about open borders.


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