family destruction at the border and the big picture

Quite justifiably, there is outrage over family separation at the US Mexico border. And President Trump deserves scorn for inflicting needless pain on thousands of children. At the same time, I suggest that we all look at the big picture. Family destruction is one part of a much, much larger problem – migration restriction laws.

Migration restrictions prevent honest and hard working people from getting jobs that can radically improve their lives. Border patrols and deportations take peaceful people and toss them back into poor and violent countries, often leaving families and friends behind. Family destruction at the border is simply one of the more cruel and inhumane consequences of laws that are designed merely to eject people of the “wrong” nationality.

This suffering is needless, as migration is never a crime and migrants bring their energy and skills to their host country. We should do what we can, immediately, to reunite these children from their families. It may be calling your representative, or donating to an immigrant support group. Some may even consider non-violent action. Do what you can.

But we should also look at the bigger picture. Americans should make America great again, but not by torturing toddlers and babies, but by allowing people to migrate freely again. We should say to the world that if you want to work hard and play nice, you will always have a place in this country.

What do I want?

Release the children and shut down internment camps for babies.

Abolish ICE.

Fire the Border Patrol.

Open the borders.

Let freedom ring.


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June 20, 2018 at 3:25 am

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