announcing orgtheory’s newest member

Lebron James

It is our pleasure to announce that LeBron James will be orgtheory’s newest member, starting on Monday July 2, 2018. A multiple world champion and league MVP, James brings an unparalleled athleticism and work ethic to sociological blogging. We think that orgtheory can be brought to a championship level with James’ leadership. Whether it be protecting the post or defending against the feared “Reviewer 2,” you can always depend on James to bring intelligence and a winning spirit to the task. In addition to a consistently high field goal average, James leads the ASA in ego-centric network analysis, impression management, and marketing research.

In other news, Jeff Guhin of Los Angeles has agreed to a one year extension on his contract and will continue playing center.


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July 2, 2018 at 4:01 am

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  1. Damn right! He’s got an open invitation to teach whatever he wants in our department, but I’ve heard he’s got some other offers as well. Still, Hollywood’s got nothing on Garfinkel’s home department!


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