book cover exploration #3: the grad skool rulz

GSR cover

I went to two graduate programs where mentoring was less than perfect. In some cases, it was so incredibly bad that I often wondered if some faculty actually wanted students to fail. So, after I finished my degree and started blogging, I began writing up my views on graduate education in a series of posts known as “grad skool rulz.” They were so popular that people insisted that I write a book. I did and self-published it with Smashwords Press, the best platform for self-publishing.

Smashwords requires that all authors provide a high resolution book cover. So I asked my friend Kirby Schroeder to provide the cover. I did so for two reasons. First, Kirby is a person dear to me and we worked together in graduate school. He was the co-author of my first article on HIV transmission, which actually won an award from the ASA Mathematical Sociology section. It has even spawned a small literature around it from mathematical modellers interested in disease transmission.

Second, after graduate school, Kirby turned to creative forms of work. When not paying the bills with more mundane jobs, Kirby does graphic design, ceramics, craft work, and so forth. He gladly took the project. This cover he produced is simple – it is him walking through the UCLA campus. I like the soft lighting and I like the idea of movement. Because, really, graduate school should be all about moving you into a career. As an added bonus, by standing next to a reflective surface, Kirby creates some nice symmetry within the photo.


50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($4.44 – cheap!!!!)
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