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At ASA, I had the opportunity to participate in the joint Global-Transantional/Comparative-historical social event. Small groups of early career people and old people sat together and chatted about career issues.

One topic that came up at my table was books. Given that the book publication is a bit fuzzy, what are you allowed to put on a CV? What should you tell people about your book project? My opinion:

  • Of course, if you are post-peer review and the final contract has been signed, definitely write “forthcoming” or “in press” on the CV. Congratulations!
  • If the book is complete and at the press, but not signed for publication, you can definitely say, “under review.” If you are superstitious and don’t want to hex the process, you can leave the press’ name out.
  • If you get an advance contract, definitely write “advance contract.” Some people omit “advance,” because advance contract is not a commitment to publish. It’s only a commitment to consider the book. But if people ask, be up front. It’s totally ok to admit the book project is at the beginning, not the end of the peer review process.
  • If presses aren’t reviewing your work yet, just write a sentence or two describing your book in progress on the CV.

If you are at an interview, you can always talk about the stage your book is at. Early career scholars – late stage dissertation writers, post-docs, and early assistant profs – can say that they are in the middle of writing. You can’t put it on a CV, but you could also say that you’ve begun discussions with editors if you’ve already had positive communications with presses. It’s an informal and important part of the process that is relevant to a job hire.

What else should people say about the book that they’re working on?


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