my editorial approach

In co-editing Contexts, I have been influenced by a number of good and bad experiences. Specifically:

  • Speed: While we don’t have the speed of Sociological Science, we do try to get back to you in a few weeks if you send us a proposal.
  • Active editing: We don’t just say – “here are reviews, you figure it out.” Rather, we usually show you review excerpts and we tell you what to fix. Also, Rashawn and I will actually go in and edit your article.
  • (Almost) No R&R’s: Basically, we desk reject a ton and focus on what we think is a good fit. So almost all of our decisions on complete manuscripts are accept conditional or reject.
  • Honesty: I don’t make up excuses. If we just aren’t into your article, we’ll give you a desk reject and let you move on. If we screwed up, we’ll write you a letter and apologize. No games.
  • Actual opinions: We will read your article and come up with a judgment. We can be persuaded by the reviewers, but there has to be a logic to their argument. We don’t automatically side with critics.

So if you have an idea, send it in. We can’t accept everything that we get, but we’ll try to be speedy and nice about it.


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