open borders today and tomorrow: a friendly response to leon fresco

Once again, I am very grateful to Vox for doing the podcast about open borders. In this blog post, I want to offer a friendly response to Leon Fresco, a California attorney and political professional. He was also interviewed and he discussed how hard it would be to get Congress to approve open borders. When asked about it, he gave some real examples. He discussed multiple examples of how even minor changes in immigration law faced steep barriers and many failed.

The bottom line, for Mr. Fresco, is that legislation requires a coalition of people willing to push for it. Right now, the coalition for migration reform, even minor ones, isn’t there. Of course, there’s usually a large coalition of people pushing in the other direction.

This is why it’s important to think about the difference between “open borders today” and “open borders tomorrow.” “Today” means “what is possible in today’s political world?” Then Mr. Fresco is 100% correct. We live in a world where people are fairly anti-immigration. Heck, even many immigrants are suspicious of new immigrants. In today’s world, open borders is not possible.

Then we have “open borders tomorrow.” What can be done in future? That’s always a frontier and it can be different than today. Like many other struggles for human dignity, social change is often a “tomorrow” issue and rarely a today issue. Maybe one day in my lifetime, people like Mr. Fresco will be in a position to facilitate a Congressional bill that will make cross-border movement easy and painless.

“Open borders today” is not hopeless at all. Today, a major website, like Vox, is willing to discuss open borders. Professors write books on open borders. We can fill a lecture hall at a university with people who want to hear about open borders. Open borders advocates can support those fighting deportation and family separation. We can publicize ideas like the Abolish ICE movement and the sanctuary movement. We can be the movement that makes tomorrow happen.

So let’s do it. Let’s imagine a world of peaceful movement. Let’s give people like Mr. Fresco something to work for!


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