personality research is not garbage


Academics love to trash anything that smacks of standardized testing. Personality research is one such area. Mention “Meyer-Briggs” or “the big 5 personality traits” and you’ll get a smirk.

But personality research is one of the most solid and robust areas of social science. Personality is relatively stable compared to many other psychological traits and it is actually not a bad predictor of things like job satisfaction and relationship quality. The most resent item is from a professor of psychology who decided to replicate dozens of studies from personality research. From Christopher Soto’s Twitter feed:

I’ll save you the effort. Personality research replicates very, very well. The one problem Soto found is that since many studies used small samples, the replications often found smaller effects based on larger samples.

Just to give you a sense of how well it replicates compared to others fields: Cristobal Young’s replication attempt of sociology could *GET THE DATA!* from 28% of selected papers. Other attempts to replicate psychology, economics, and health/medicine have also not done well.

So let’s give it up for the personality psychologists – they got it!


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