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A couple of years ago, I accepted a pile of requests for edited volume chapters. Not the greatest career move, but since many were going into volumes that will probably have an impact, I said yes. I respected the editors of these volumes and I am hoping that they will be picked up in the literature. The upside is that I now know institutional theory on a very, very deep level. Here’s what I wrote. Check it out if it interests you:

  1.  The Oxford bibliography on institutionalism.  If you need a “quick and dirty” over view of key texts and arguments, this is it. It is a nice warm up to a full blown text like Dick Scott’s Institutions and Organizations or reading the classics from the 1970s and 1980s like DiMaggio & Powell 1983 or Meyer  & Rowan 1977.
  2. Politics and institutionalism. This one, co-authored with Peter Lista, appears in the SAGE Handbook of Political Sociology. I think this is a really nice overview of the field aimed specifically at political sociologist/political scientists.
  3. Race and institutionalism.  You can read this as a warm up to recent work like Victor Ray’s recent ASR article on race and organizations. It takes a different, field-theoretic view of things, but it was written a bit before that piece and is trying to make sense of some of the same processes. The main point is simple – racial schemas are inputs and outputs of the processes that field theory and institutionalism talk about.
  4. Movements and institutionalism. Written with Brayden King, we try to argue that social movement scholarship is too constrained by a focus on the challenger-incumbent dynamic. Instead, we suggest movements start change in fields in a variety of ways.

What is the new thing in new institutionalism? Put it in the comments!


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