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Perspective students often ask about my graduate students. I spent some time the other day tallying people whose committees I have chaired. Before 2010, I did not chair a single person’s dissertation for the simple reason that I was un-tenured. Post-tenure, I have chaired dissertations on the following topics. We have 5 completes, with 9 at varying stages of development:

  • The de-institutionalization of all Black high schools after Brown
  • The Tea Party as a response to Obamacare and other political events
  • Trust in the police
  • Legitimacy penalties for foreign firms in American capital markets
  • The innovation and spread of tiny homes
  • The politics of motor cycle helmet laws
  • The institutionalization of the Federal Open Market Committee
  • The role of barter in modern economies
  • Stand up comedy as a coping mechanism for trauma
  • Discussion networks on social media that focus on mental health issues
  • Status and food consumption
  • White nationalism on social media
  • The rise of political evangelicalism
  • Felon re-entry and higher education

Comments: A lot of the political sociology dissertations are written by people who were previously affiliated with political sociologists who left. Since I adopt a “statue of liberty” model approach to graduate education, I took most of them. In the future, I will probably have less of them. By topic, this is how it shakes out. My primary research topics are social movements (3), organization theory/higher ed (4), and computational sociology/networks/social media (2). I also do economic sociology (2). The ones on status/consumption and stand up comedy/coping joined the team because they involved unorthodox data sets and I am good at working with students who are working with weird data. I got the criminal justice one because the student had a rational choice approach to things. Overall, A+ people and I love working on them.


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