another semester ending: hitting all the Cs, and everything is normal

This semester’s grades are finally in.  Moreover, graduation ceremonies are done, all jam-packed into a Friday spent in robes sheltering beneath a tree, debating what’s next in field research with a fellow ethnographer then cooling off backstage, fretting with an archeologist about difficult access to field sites and the morality of training graduate students for a shrinking academic job market.  Also, puzzling over which university can claim 1766 on its gown.  (Big congrats to Wenjuan Zheng, Ph.D.!)

What’s next?  Completing assorted bureaucratic paperwork and reviewer responsibilities, corralling contributors, conferencing (new organizing motto: it’s happening), and collaborating in meetings are all on the docket, alongside continuing field research and writing.  Many C, C, and more Cs to hit…

So, everything is back to normal.   Here’s Toast’s conception of normal, through a Western art history lens (other images possibly NSFW?):


hello, it’s me: normal things are happening, why don’t you come a little closer and see how normal things can get

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June 5, 2019 at 3:39 pm

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