new edited volume by melissa wooten on race and organization theory

Long time readers know that I am a fan of Melissa Wooten’s work on higher education. Well, there is more good news from her. Her new volume in the Research in the Sociology of Organizations just came out and it’s jam packed with engaging work. It’s about the exciting meeting between organization theory and theories of race.

The book collects essays from some of the most amazing coolest people working at the intersection of race and organizations. Here are the authors:

  • Christi Smith on race and fields.
  • Cedric de Leon on race and political party in the South.
  • Kyla Walters on charter schools.
  • Lucius Couloute on imprisonment.
  • Melissa Abad on race and occupations.
  • Victor Ray and  Danielle Purifoy on race in organizations.
  • Reginald Byron and Vincent Roscigno on bureaucrcy and discrimination.
  • James Jones on race in Congress.

I also have a short essay that asks about the open questions about race, organizations, and fields. If this is your bag, you need to check it out.



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