the insider’s guide to the upcoming democratic primary debate

dog walk

The upcoming Democratic debate features a wide range of candidates from former VP Joe Biden to progressive challenger Elizabeth Warren to antiwar gadfly Tulsi Gabbard. How should you watch this debate? How can the voter get the most out this two-day twenty candidate gabfest?

Experts recommend the following. Begin by standing up and stretching.  Then, go to the closet and grab a light jacket or coat. If it’s raining outside, get an umbrella. Have your friends and family members do the same.  As the first debate question is asked, turn off the television and open the door. Walk through that door. If you have a dog, take them with you. Turn around and close the door.

Go to the park and feed the pigeons or play catch with your child. Call your mom and get her go out for a walk. As these debates tend to be two hours or more of platitudes, which have little impact on voters, you may be out for a while. If you get tired or hungry, invite a friend for coffee or dinner and have a good conversation. When you see your neighbors asleep on the couch, you know it will be safe to go home and watch television again.



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  1. “two hours or more of platitudes”. Thank you. That sums up my thoughts exactly.


    Family Values Lesbian

    June 18, 2019 at 4:17 am

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