devil’s dictionary #1: tuvel

Tuvel – verb: to bitterly counter an academic argument by criticizing the peer review process or demanding a retraction or apology from the publisher, instead of offering scholarly criticism or additional data that would test the argument

Origins: In April 2017, philosophy professor Rebecca Tuvel published in article in the journal Hypatia where she compared trans-gendered people with people who pass racially. This is now known as the Hypatia transracialism controversy. Subsequently, a social media campaign emerged where people demanded that the article be retracted. In a move of complete cowardice, one of the journal’s associate editors apologized for the article but the article remains published, thank God.

Use: “After I published an article pointing out that Justin Bieber made some good songs, the musicologists totally Tuvelled me on Twitter.”

Irony #1: Hypatia is a journal that was founded to support feminist lines of inquiry and women in philosophy.

Irony #2: Hypatia herself was an ancient mathematician and philosopher. According to the wikipedia entry, she was caught up in a political dispute and stoned to death.



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