is facebook trying to prevent immigration reform?

UPDATE: Our ad for Open Borders 2019 is active. So I thank Facebook for being so open minded – and taking our ad dollars! Below, I’ll keep the original post for historical interest.

Facebook has spent a lot of time and money promoting immigration reform. For example, Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg was a founder and supporter of, which tries to reform our system. However, Facebook is preventing me from using its advertising system to promote a more humane immigration policy. Specifically, it has blocked my ads for the 2019 Open Borders Conference.

This is unfortunate. I realize that most people don’t agree with my position, which is that we should pass laws to make immigration extremely easy. Still, that doesn’t mean that our ads should be rejected. The open borders conference is non-partisan – we invite people from the left and right. We are discussion and academically oriented. Our speakers are professors, attorneys, activists, and real life people who have been harmed by harsh immigration laws. The rejection of our ads makes no sense.

So we’ll get the word out, even without Facebook. This is too important. But it’s sad that Facebook can’t support a paying customer who simply wants to invite others for a day long discussion of freedom.



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