personal thoughts on transitioning from dierdre mccloskey

Quillette has a personal essay by economist Dierdre McCloskey, who transitioned genders in the 1990s. In it, she talks about the highs and lows. For me, the most gut wrenching was reading about how some of her family still boycotts her:

What questions, then, 21 years later?

Has your marriage-family come around?

My daughter still lives in the Midwest; she is married and has a child. I’ve told in Crossing about how, a year later, when she was still in college, I saw her that one time, very early in my transition, a weeping father in a dress begging for a hug. My friend Patty had advised against the meeting, wisely. Later I occasionally wrote to her, fruitlessly, and a long time afterwards helped her financially. Her lone letter in reply said “Thanks for the money. I still don’t want you in my life.”

In other parts of the essay, she addresses the issue of the transition itself.

How does a new gender feel after all these years?


Most decisions leave at least a small regret, a 4:00 a.m. wakefulness. Did you marry the right person? (In my case, yes.) Did you choose the right profession? (In my case, yes.) Should Donald have stayed at his beloved University of Chicago, which in 1980 he left from irritation at the reluctance in the Economics Department, though not in History, to promote him right away to full professor? (A hard one, that; but on the whole, yes.) But becoming Deirdre has evoked not the slightest passing instant of regret. Not once. Nada.

As usual from McCloskey, witty and engaging. Read the whole thing.



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