fox news and open borders: fabio v. lawrence jones

I was recently invited to talk about open borders with Fox journalist Lawrence Jones. The discussion is the Nov 25, 2019 episode of “Keeping up w Lawrence Jones.” It’s a show on “Fox Nation,” which is like Netflix for Fox. Download the app, you get a 1 week free trial, and you can check it out. He was friendly – and skeptical – but I thought we had a good discussion.

When I speak on open borders, I try to develop intuitions. For example, I try to get people to appreciate that people cross borders all the time and it’s ok. We cross borders within the US and, historically, the US had open borders. Still, we’re ok. In the show, we touched on other topics. For example, Lawrence was worried about jobs and I pointed out that immigrants usually go for less desirable, low skilled jobs.

I’ll conclude on a very important point that Lawrence raised. He focused, as you will see in the clip above, on respecting the law and the system. In general, my goal is to push back against cruel and ineffective laws. The goal isn’t to make people obey harmful rules. Instead, we should democratically promote free migration and offer amnesty for people who’ve crossed migration restrictions. And as a self-identified libertarian, shouldn’t Lawrence be focused on enhancing liberty and not on enforcing heavy government regulations? That’s what I would do!

Overall, I had a good time and Lawrence was a pleasure to work with. I hope we can talk about this more. Tell me what you think.



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