you should become a fan of some obscure things

It’s fun to be a fan but it can be pricey. Superbowl tickets? From $2k-$5k. Front row for Taylor Swift? $600+. Now, if you love Taylor that much, more power to you. But what if you want the world’s best entertainment with front row seats are a rock bottom price?

Answer: Be a hipster. Choose a sub culture and be it’s #1 fan.

Example: Chess. Every year, the St. Louis Chess Club hosts an international tournament and it attracts the leading players in the world. It’s blitz chess, so games are short and plentiful. You can even walk right up to a table and watch. Ticket price? $10 per day and $40 for a five day pass.

Example: Jazz. When I was in grad school, I went to see McCoy Tyner play at the old Yoshi’s in Oakland. McCoy Tyner is one of the world’s leading pianists, having invented a new style of jazz piano and being the first pianist for John Coltrane’s legendary group. Cost: $25 plus a few drinks. Amazing.

Example: Women’s basketball. A few years ago, the IU women’s basketball team was on fire. They did pretty well and even won the NIT tournament. Cost per game: $10. Similarly, the WBNA Indiana Fever will make you pay $25 to $75 for a five game pack. The Indiana Pacers? Same price… per game!

Once in a long while, I’ll drop some money on a marquis event, but why bother? I am surrounded by world class talent at bargain prices.



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