book spotlight: you can’t stop the revolution by andrea s. boyles

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I reviewed Andrea S. Boyles’ You Can’t Stop the Revolution: Community Disorder and Social Ties in Post-Ferguson America for Ethnic and Racial Studies. A few clips:

“Ferguson” is a word that carries too much weight. No person, or town, or community, should shoulder a nation’s sins, but it does. For that reason, many, many people have written about Ferguson and the events that led up to Mike Brown’s murder and the subsequent revolt. When I first received You Can’t Stop the Revolution, I was honestly skeptical. So many people have now talked about police violence, Brown’s homicide, and Black Lives Matter. Creating intellectual value in such a crowded field is a real challenge.

Andrea S. Boyles is a professor of Criminal Justice at Linderwood University, which is near Ferguson, Missouri. On the day after Brown’s death, she responded to calls from community organizers to mobilize. This led Boyles into a multi-year exploration of how Black communities respond to perpetual violence and disruption. It’s less of a discussion of police violence and more of theoretically motivated account of how people respond to a permanent state of disorder. For that reason, You Can’t Stop the Revolution breaks out of the well tread genre of books about police violence and Black Lives Matter and moves into a very provocative discussion of the nature of social order for oppressed communities.

The book then uses a fascinating mix of interviews, ethnography, and visual data to make it’s point about how repressive regimes constantly disrupt communities and how people organize to bring order back into their lives. Check out the book and the review. Highly recommended for urban sociologists, race scholars, and anyone interested in Black America post-Ferguson.



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