open borders and tidal waves of people: not nearly as bad as you think

Often, a friendly person will tell me, “sure, Fabio, I get what you are saying about immigrants. But wouldn’t open borders lead to massive tidal waves of people and that could have real problems?”

I hear you and it’s not an insane comment. Here’s a few responses that critics should think about. First, we’ve been able to deal with massive waves migration in the past and it’s been ok:

  • The Great Migration of Blacks from the South to the North.
  • The movement of about one million Puerto Ricans to the US in the 1950s.
  • The movement of millions from East Europe to West Europe after the war.
  • The movement of millions from East Germany to West Germany post-1989.

There’s bound to be growing pains but life goes on and it’s fine. The fundamental issue is that when people move in large numbers, prices kick in. You get denser housing, or people move to other places.

Second, if you are still worried about the “tidal wave” problem, then let’s compromise, Sure, maybe 1 million may seem daunting, so let’s split and do a mere 500,000. We slow increase limits to take care of backlogs.



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