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The Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Experience (ASURE) encourages students to do hands on learning with selected faculty members. My course, Sociology 105, introduces students to sociology and we work on public communication. Our final assignment is to interview a sociologist and understand how their work has public impact. The interview is then streamed via podcast. Originally, these productions were meant to be shown during an end of year poster session for all ASURE students and faculty. But now, I’ve decided to stream them. Enjoy!

Podcast #1 – Paul Gutjahr, professor of English and associate dean: “Associate Dean Paul Gutjahr shares what it’s like being a Dean amid the COVID-19 crisis. He also talks about his early career involving research and religion. He discusses his view on education and what he would like to do in the future: research religion and aliens.” Produced by Brandon King, Claire Slotegraaf, and Hailey Pangburn. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Podcast #2 – Jane McLeod, professor of sociology and department chair: “Dr. Jane McLeod is the chair of the department of Sociology at IU Bloomington, as well as a professor who does research in the fields of medical sociology and sociology of mental health. Her primary research is on the college experiences of students on the autism spectrum.” Produced by Macy Brammer, Aryan Mishra, Brittney Day, and Ben Peters. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Podcast #3 – Ethan Michelson, associate professor of sociology: “In this podcast, we invited sociology professor Ethan Michelson to speak with us about his upcoming release of his new book. Ethan Michelson is an accomplished researcher on divorce proceedings in China and domestic abuse. Here you will get a glimpse into the lives of these women and the shocking treatment they receive at the hands of their own justice system. We want to help spread awareness into the public about what is happening in China and the social injustice of women in abusive relationships.” Produced by Ellie Hans, Natalie Frazier, Ashley McCool, and Natalie Winters. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Podcast #4 – Brian Powell, professor of sociology: “In this podcast, we interviewed Brian Powell, a professor of sociology at Indiana University. Brian Powell’s work looks into attitudes and opinions on denial of service to same sex couples. He surveyed over 2,000 individuals, showing over half supported service refusal to gay couples while two-fifths supported service refusal to interracial couples. Throughout this podcast we explored the moral justification of service denial, American individualism, how this affects the health and image of gay and interracial couples, and the key to social change.” Produced by Kia Heryadi, Sam Stockman, Michael Hunter, and Ellie Strimatis. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.



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