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Right now, I am active on four different social media platforms. In theory, I am supposed to cross post to all of them to maximize impact. Instead, I choose to use each for separate purposes because I really want “each Fabio” to have different flavors. Here, I will briefly describe each form of social media and what I do on them.

Blog: This blog ( is all about long form discussion. Even though blogs are no longer trendy, they remain unbeaten for medium length discussion. They are also much easier to control than any other form of social media. For these reasons, I use it to discuss sociology and the academic profession. Just for kicks, every Sunday, I post some music. The only thing I don’t like about blogs is that the sociology audience that used to populate comment sections and provide discussions have now moved to Twitter to engage in rapid fire snark fests.

Facebook: I treat Facebook as a more personal form of communication. I rarely discuss personal matters, but I use it for talking about pop culture and keeping contact with my network of friends, professional colleague, and neo-liberal confederates. During lock down, I’ve done a series of videos just talking about nerdy things (“Nerd Therapy”). You will also see more humor there than on the blog.

Twitter: I’ve come to loathe Twitter even while I recognize its utility. Sure, there can be great discussion, but there are people who trash talk and swear at you. Snark is ok face to face, but I hate it in more public settings. Twitter is uncontrolled not only in who can jump into conversation, but also it shows you people that you might be avoiding. It’s the platform where I have to block and mute people the most. Still, it’s very useful for lightning fast discussion so I maintain a presence there (fabiorojas). I post infrequently on sociology and policy but I try to keep it structured. I respond to few people. I also publicize this blog and Contexts magazine.

Instagram: I have tiny presence on Instagram (@hoosierfab). I only got an account so I could reach out for folks in the visual arts, for social and research purposes. So the account is mainly art photos, street photography, and, during lock down, discussions of art books. It’s a dry and restrained social media account. Still, I’ve me really great people and I’ve made great connections. Also, it’s the complete opposite of Twitter as it almost never ticks me off.


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