book auction for open borders back on schedule – check it out

The Open Borders Conference is having a fundraiser. From now until Thursday at 9pm, we will be auctioning books via the Open Borders Instagram page. Here’s how it works:

  • For the next few days, we will post pictures of the books on the Open Borders Instagram page.
  • Until 9PM on Thursday, you can bid on books – just write the price (e.g., $20) in the comment section. Only bids with time stamp 9pm or sooner will count.
  • If you win, just donate the amount to the Free Migration Project and indicate the book you won. We will not take cash or checks.
  • If you don’t have an Instagram account, email me at and I will proxy bid for you.
  • From 8pm to 9pm, I will be doing an Instagram livestream with Jamila Hamami, a New York area activist and writer, in support of the auction. So tune in and have some fun.
  • I am donating a copy of “From Black Power” and my own copy of Caplan and Weinersmith’s open borders book.

Remember that you can also support the conference the old fashioned way by buying a ticket for $15. Please check out the program as well. I hope you can bid.


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