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Starting on January 1, 20201, Katherine Chen and I will be at “Markets, Power, & Culture.” This post is a good bye and thank you.

I want to say “thank you” to Brayden King and Teppo Felin, who started this blog in 2006. Back then, I was an anxious junior professor and desperately in need of discussion about organization theory. I found a blog called “orgtheory” and started leaving comments. The owners, Teppo and Brayden, invited me to guest blog and then permanently be part of the team. It is more than I ever hoped for. Through the blog, I made friends, had great conversations, and even got some real professional outcomes, including a book contract. Without Teppo and Brayden, none of that would have happened. I also wanted to say thank you to every person who joined as a permenent blogger, guest blogger, wrote a comment, or shared the content. What makes a blog exciting is the community of people.

It may be interesting to say a few words about why Katherine and I are rebooting at Markets, Power, and Culture. Our view is that this is simply a very natural evolution. We’re just shifting from a website where you have tons of authors, to a website with only two authors. Second, we’re going to experiment with some new content and rebooting the blog around those expectations makes sense. Third, the visual aesthetic will be slightly different and a little more colorful. If you have enjoyed orgtheory, I am leaving all posts up for posterity. I will also keep a copy of the blog in my dropbox should you ever have problems accessing wordpress. Just send me a message.

On January 1, 2021, we’ll have a short hello post and the start off the New Year with some discussions of the academic profession, organization theory, and more. I hope you’ll join us.

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  1. Thank you for all your contributions. It was a pleasure reading your posts!



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